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I'm an Artisan in many mediums. As a child, I was tought to sew by my Grandmother, on a farm in Indiana. She also tought me that pattern making and sewing go hand in hand. After 4 years of Art Design, I acquired a fashion merchandising degree from Ball State University.  I worked as a buyer, merchandiser and retail management before starting my custom fashion design business. I quickly moved into home interiors, commercial design, and event planning.  


The Thomas Design Group began in 2005. which gave me a playground for a variety of projects with other artists.  We always come home to North Florida but for the last 10 years I have split alot  of my time between Wyoming and North Carolina.  There is so much rich inspiration in these regions.  



Fashion is my addiction.  I watch trends like most people watch the stock market.   I have designed wedding gowns for over forty years as well as special event dresses, children's clothing and costumes for theatre productions. I have produced clothing lines for specialty shops but prefer working one to one with friends. I love traditional clothing lines.  All of fashion is a repeat of history which is why I design head forward, eyes in the rear view mirror. 


I have designed a classic wedding dress for the Western Design Conference this Fall in Jackson, Wyoming.  I hand embroidered silk organza dotted swiss fabric, the inspiration for this western romantic.  Clothing history shows us a clear line between functional dress of the late 1800's and the whimsy of the early 1900's.  My mother could  have worn this dress in the 1940's when clothing had transitioned from a necessity to a celebration. 


If you can imagine a garment or design, I can create it.




I love landscapes and have teamed up with James Parnitzke to offer unique watercolor paintings.  Together we photograph beauty then Jim brings it to life with layers of rich translucent watercolors.  Jim always welcomes a commission project.  A  photo and a conversation is the best way to start.


From time to time I have the privilege of helping to create a home environment or a comfortable, functional space for commercial use.  Fabrics and textures are my medium.

I am a fixer and I love a challenge, once asked if I could decorate a bison skull by a friend in Wyoming, I said sure.  This fun project turned out to be a life changing experience.  From the beauty of Wyoming, I now have expanded to resources in North Carolina and the Pacific Northwest.  Petrified shells in Wyoming led me to  the beautiful shells along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.


My skulls are "Fun Art" inspired by nature, wildlife and the beauty of these landscapes.  I have a great respect for animals and have enjoyed creating custom embellished animal antlers and skulls with mixed mediums.   Most requested are bison, deer and antilope.  I have used natural and artificial antlers and skulls. Each is a work of art but as a pattern maker I can include custom details and specifications even incorporating personal materials such as coins, jewelry and stones in the design, creating an heirloom keepsake.  This process also makes it possible for the design to be reviewed and revised before completion.  Pricing varies depending on customers input and quality of materials. 


It takes alot of help from family, friends and dogs to compile inspiration and the resouces we use to drive our creative life.  I am grateful to everyone who makes my search for beauty possible. 


I enjoy working with customers and design consultants to achieve a unique work of art. 


Judy Parnitzke


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